Interpreter Team

Cynthia Abad Quintaié

Olga Álvarez

Cristina Cucchi

Laura Tavolai

Gabriela Yañez

Consultant Interpreter

Intérprete consultoraAdvice to professional congress organisers, business, organisations and other clientes who need to hire interpreters. Recruitment and management of interpreters in congresses, conventions, seminars, training activities, negotiations, press conferences and other type of conferences in which attendees of different languages and cultures need interpretation for communication.


SimultáneaInterpreters sit in a booth, acoustically isolated from the participants at the conference, and interpret speakers simultaneously through teh specific equipment for this service.


Equipos portátilesInterpreters do not work in a booth, hence there is not sound isolation. They use a microphone and sometimes headphones. They provide simultaneous interpretation to several users, who wear headsets. As this system is portable, it may be used for a visit to a factory. It may also be used when the number of meeting participants is small.


The interpreter works next to the delegates or the speaker and interprets into the target language after the speaker speaks.


The interpreter is seated next to one or two meeting participants and whispers the interpretation of the speech.



The interpreter works simultaneously and his/her voice over the speaker's.



Conference participants are located at several different venues and communicate via telecommunications. Interpreters maintain high standardas of work by applying precise specifications, for example, video monitors and sound quality.